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As an experienced practitioner, my approach is pragmatic, holistic and growth focused to support the best outcomes for each individual.

Pricing & Services

Family life is not easy, and my passion is to support and guide children and their support teams, whether that be parents, carers or other professional through challenging times.  Our aim at Wonderkind & Co. is not to create dependency on others but to empower young people and families to manage life’s ups and downs via evidence-based strategies and tools. Most families self-refer to us when emotions and/or behaviours are close to reaching a point that feels distressing or out of control, or when they feel everything they have tried has not had the desired effect. 

Below are an example of the services we can provide to support children, teens and families during times of challenge.


Psychosocial Assessment 
Small Individualized Therapeutic Care Plan
Full Psychosocial Assessment
MIM Assessment (Marschak Interaction Method)

1:1 Therapeutic Session 
Examples include:
Stabilization Plan Implementation
Emotional Intelligence Development
Time-Line Reflection 

Attachment-Based Play Therapy
Activities underpinned by Theraplay principles

Family Support 

Small Group Work 3-5 Young People 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) 
1:1 Psychotherapy for PTSD or Complex PTSD.

Social Work Clinical Supervision 

Field Education 
Via Deakin University BSW Social Work.

Reflective Space Session 

Please enter your referral enquiry form below so we can consider your request and move forward with our best next steps when we get in touch. Specific prices will be communicated at this stage.

Should a quote be required to secure external funding this can be provided. Prepaid block funding for clients supported financially by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing is required.

Example of Price Structure (subject to change)

Clinical Supervision $180.00
Small Group Clinical Supervision $110.00 (per person)
Consultancy per hour $280.00
NDIS Early Childhood Intervention / Therapy $193.99
EMDR Treatment $240.00
Family Therapeutic Support Session  $240.00
Medicare Session (ongoing) $240.00
MIM Assessment Package (based on 3 hours) $580.00
Individual Therapeutic Care Plan (based on 10 hours) $2000
Private funded Session $190.00 – $240.00
Theraplay Activity Session $190.00