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group work

Below is a list of groups/programs we offer and a brief description of each.

Please contact us at for more information on these programs.


An attachment based small group work program underpinned by Theraplay principles to support attunement, safe connection, engagement, nurture, structure, reading body language, therapeutic play, joy, growth and development.

WonderTOTS is for parent(s)/Carer(s) and tots aged 0-2 years that have experienced attachment disruption and require additional support to connect. This program is open to parents/carers on Family Preservation or Family Reunification Orders and /or Parents/Carers with Intellectual Disabilities / NDIS Plans.


A small group program, delivered in school, designed to empower students who may require additional support with attunement to self, emotional intelligence development and emotional regulation.

BEAM aims to help identify strengths and areas of development, explore how they bend and flex when exposed to challenge and identify how to make the most of support available, learning how to authentically shine bright!

Cooking with Kate

A program ran over 5 sessions in a small group setting where we prepare & cook recipes while creating meaningful social engagement and promoting personal growth in young people.

Cooking with Kate is for Primary School aged children interested in learning some cooking skills, information about healthy foods & interact in a socially meaningful group or a one to one setting upon request.

Star Seed

A peer support program that helps to develop therapeutic skills , mindfulness and self care. Promotes attunement, connection, self-discovery and reflective discussion.

For school aged young people with empatheic minds who have completed 1:1 support and want to stay connected, maintain focus, resilience and reflect on how to use their gift of empathy.

Wonder star-seed seeks to continue a sense of belonging and connection, allowing group participants to draw off each others lived experiences, navigate recovery and grow stronger toegther!


A small group work program for teenagers to build their identity and connection through two days of hair, beauty and therapeutic support.

Rock & Roll Integrated Parenting

Integrative Parenting, exploring the Cogs in the Parenting Wheel!

Real-life psychoeducation, parenting strategies and resources that can be integrated to set each child up to connect, process, learn, develop and grow into rounded young people!


Delivered in Schools, WonderStudents is based on Theraplay’s Sunshine Circles. It promotes school readiness (listening, taking turns, concentrating) and assists young people in developing interpersonal skills, empathy and positive connections with other children.

The program is designed to:

  • Create a safe, warm, nurturing and fun environment.
  • Promote positive relationships between young people and their teachers.
  • Engage children who may need additional support.
  • Help with emotional and arousal regulation.
  • Simultaneously address cognitive, social and emotional development.
  • Help develop a more positive inner working model through positive interactions.

A therapeutic School Holiday Program for Primary School aged young people, who would benefit from additional support with emotional regulation, peer connection, social skill development and having fun.

WonderCamp will guide young people through a combination of therapeutic play focused sessions including art, craft, exercise and nature based activities