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Your child can learn to manage big emotions, thoughts & behavioural challenges to participate in life & thrive.


Whether you’re self-referring or referred by a health professional, download the Self-Refer Now enquiry form to get started.

Eliminate the guesswork.

You don’t have to worry your child isn’t managing well. We want you to be confident knowing that what you do is working… and what to do next.

Imagine what it’ll be like when your child, young person or teen is managing their emotions, thoughts and behaviours and participating in life.

  • Get informed strategies to help you and your child manage challenges in a safe way.

  • We look past the tip of the iceberg to understand and explore the young person’s unmet needs.

  • A tailored plan to empower your family and support team… so everyone’s on the same page.

  • Have confidence in a shorter term focused intervention so you can avoid a lifetime of costly therapy.

  • It can take time to develop trust with a teenager, so that’s why we work with you and your support team creatively.

It’s distressing when you don’t know how to comfort your child.

When young people, teenagers and children can’t manage big emotions, thoughts or behaviours caused by trauma and adverse life events, it often results in harm.

As adults we feel it’s our responsibility to help guide them through the ups-and-downs of life but when we don’t have appropriate strategies to guide them accordingly we fear unintentionally damaging their growth.

You might feel like a failure as a parent, it’s not your fault… but it sure feels like it.

Desperation is costly and exhausting. It’s hard to navigate the next right steps when there’s too much information online and what you’ve tried hasn’t worked.

We understand the guilt of helplessly watching your child in distress. We know the feelings of exasperation when you’re relentlessly challenged by out-of-control emotions, thoughts and behaviours. We care that you feel isolated and alone.

Your feelings are normal and you’re not alone.

You just need individualised strategies and a collaborative plan to use within the home and community.

Hi, I’m

I’d like to put your mind at ease. As an accredited mental health social worker and clinician with over 20 years of experience, I specialise in supporting young people and families impacted by adverse life events including trauma.

My years of industry experience and practice in this field allow me to formulate, develop and implement individualised therapeutic plans to work towards reaching desired outcomes.

I’m passionate about collaborating with families and support teams. We work together to upskill each person so everyone has a clear plan around how to help the young person thrive.

I look forward to guiding you and your family on a pathway toward growth and healing.

Learn how to understand your child better
with tailored support to connect, heal and grow.

1. Email Us

Download & send self-referral / referral enquiry form

2. Learn The Strategies

Tailored in-person sessions developing safe therapeutic strategies

3. Watch Your Child Thrive

Follow your plan towards healing while strengthening relationships

What carers say

“Kate is a gifted therapist with a warm, gentle approach. My eight year old daughter came to Kate with anxiety, reduced confidence and a complete petrification of dogs.  Kate’s approach enabled my daughter to have a great level of trust in her from the first session, she opened up to Kate thus allowing the issues to be worked through. She was able to reclaim her confidence and trust in herself as well as providing strategies for me to use going forward.

My daughter still doesn’t want a pet dog, but we no longer have to cross the street when one is ahead of us.”

-Phil, a grateful father

Healing starts here.

Whether it’s for you, your child, teenager or young person in your care, you’re in the right place.

We’ll put together a specific support plan to help navigate behavioural, emotional and mental health challenges whatever stage of the journey.

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