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Whether you’re referring a client, in need of professional support or expanding your clinical knowledge, we can help you.


To ensure we are able to help you in the best way, please contact us via REFER NOW so we can review your enquiry.

Helping you help others.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re drowning in the backlog of clinical support. When cases are unpredictable and time sensitive, the pressure can be overwhelming.

Imagine having trauma based clinical support guiding your processes. We want you to be confident knowing that what you do is working… and what to do next.

  • Develop skills and additional resources to be trauma informed and confidently advance your practice.

  • Get informed strategies to help you manage traumatic challenges in a safe way.

  • Gain a different lens to spark discussion and creativity to help outcomes.

  • Supporting clinical practitioners with their mental health and well-being.

  • Collaborate and combine knowledge when stuck in case direction.

How we help you.

  • Case consultation

  • Clinical supervision

  • Intensive small group workshops

  • Critical Reflective Space

  • Case consultation

  • Clinical Supervision

  • Intensive small group workshops

  • Critical Reflective Space

It can be hard knowing the next right steps when you’re overwhelmed with complex case loads.

When we work with young people, teenagers and children who can’t manage big emotions, thoughts or behaviours there can be a lot of pressure to get results and fast.

As professional clinicians, it’s our responsibility to assist families through traumatic times to pathways of growth and healing. But when we’re faced with unpredictable behaviours and volatile emotions we can quickly become overwhelmed with time consuming complex cases.

You might feel like you’re not doing enough to help each child and their support network get the best results before having to assist another.

When we’re not learning and advancing professionally we can become stuck not knowing how to respond and facilitate the next steps effectively.

We understand the pressure you face professionally and the load it takes personally. We know that when we support the well-being of clinicians they’re better equipped to support with confidence.

When we continue learning through collaboration and specialised workshops we increase the pool of professional clinicians. This helps reduce wait times of traumatised children, create safe environments and get better outcomes for young people, their families & communities and you.

Connect with us to help build professional connections and community capacity. 

What students say

“I honestly could not be more grateful for the time I’ve spent with Kate as my Field Educator. My placement has exceeded every expectation that I had.  Kate taught and inspired me so much. I know that my learnings from her has helped me become a much more confident, skilled, attuned and thoughtful social worker in the making and this will have a positive impact on many people I meet throughout my life.”

-Rachel, Social Work Student

Hi, I’m

I’d like to put your mind at ease. As an accredited mental health social worker and clinician with over 20 years of experience, I specialise in supporting young people and families impacted by adverse life events including trauma.

My years of industry experience and practice in this field allow me to formulate, develop and implement individualised therapeutic plans working towards desired outcomes.

I have been involved in staff, student and program development since 2008. It is an aspect of my role that I thoroughly enjoy.

It’s our mission to support the well-being of young people, children, families, and care professionals and the support network around them.

Develop your skills and resources to practice with confidence.

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2. Supported Development

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3. Thrive With Confidence

Have confidence in your practice to assist trauma effected young people and their support networks